Beef Progeny Test

Sire Report for Cohorts 1-5 | October 2020

Below are summarised visual graphs taken from 2020’s report to highlight Simmental’s performance in both Cohort 1 and Cohort 5.

Trait values (in wean weight/18 month weight on the Y axis of the below visuals) are the average performance of sires’ progeny. Values are calculated after adjusting for herd, management group, age of dam and age of animal (based on estimated conception date).


Cohort 1 – 2015 born progeny

Summary of adjusted progeny averages for growth and ultrasound scanning data. Visual taken figures from 18 month weight in KGs across the 53 bulls listed in the 2020 report.


Cohort 5 – 2019 born progeny

Summary of adjusted progeny averages across sires for weaning weight. Visual taken figures from wean weight in KGs for all 37 bulls listen in the 2020 report.