Name of Stud

Potawa Simmentals

Stud Owners/Operators

Andrew and Tracey Neal


Started in 2002 with purchase of Misty Moor herd. Over the years cows have been sourced from all over including Leeanne, Terrilynne, Cariboo, Puriri, Karewa, and Idesia among others.

Bulls have been sold by private treaty and auction, with our first on-farm auction in 2016, with around 20 bulls sold each year.

Potawa focus first on docility, structure and carcase attributes. We are breeding bulls for commercial use as a terminal sire, while trying to ensure we have quality replacement females to breed them from. If we wouldn’t use a bull ourselves we won’t sell it.

Number of Cows

100 cows and Heifers in calf.

Size and Contour of Farm

1,000 ha in 3 blocks. The home block has been in the family for 110 years. All rolling to steep, mainly limestone country.

Other Stock in farming operation

Wintering 3,000 breeding ewes, 700 ewe hoggets, 300 fattening cattle, 30 in calf Whiteface Heifers and assorted breeding bulls and rams.