Stud Focus

We aim to breed bulls suitable for the commercial beef farmer, with particular emphasis on docility, structural soundness, calving ease and high growth rates. We are conscious of the need to present a genuine product on Bull Sale day. Therefore, our stud cattle are expected to perform under similar conditions to that of our commercial clients. Our stud animals are 100% grass fed (no hay or silage is fed on the farm) and the cows calve on their own out on the hills.


Our farm’s primary business operation is finishing export quality steers. Over the years, as a part of our annual weaner intake, we have been fortunate to purchase a number of lines of top quality Simmental cross steers. We like the way these animals have performed in our commercial coastal, hill country environment. To ensure quality Simmental service bulls continued to be available in the Far North we decided to establish a Simmental Stud at Owhata in 2008, by purchasing the Tarawapake Simmental Stud from Sarah’s parents, Ray and Laurelle Crosby at Broadwood. We feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to build on 19 years of quality Simmental breeding.

Number of Cows

We currently have approximately 60 mixed aged cows and 25 2yr heifers.

Number of Sires used

Our main stud sires are:
Puriri Larakin By Malus AT72 181 (AUS), this easy doing, trait leading bull has put a lovely back end into our herd. Has been used over large herds in commercial hill country conditions for many seasons. The 2009 calves are his last.
Cariboo Lincoln – By Tokaweka Dynamic, another trait leader. Has excellent growth and temperament. Used extensively by John & Helen Ellis and our stud. The 2009 calves are his last.
Hampton Downs Pina Colada – By Zimbo (AUS), used mainly as a heifer bull. Homozygous polled.
Kerrah Ultra – By Tokaweka Handsome, this very easy doing bull has excellent scanning figures and a delightful temperament.
Wai-iti Unreal – By Wai-iti Nutcracker, this bull is a complete genetic outcross for our herd. He has excellent scanning figures.

Size and contour of farm

Our farm is 2200acres located on the West Coast of the Far North of the North Island. It is approximately 25% steep hills, 50% medium hills, 25% flat to rolling.

Other Stock in farming operation

Our main farming operation is finishing export quality steers. We buy in weaner calves and finish them. In addition to this we run a total of approximately 150 breeding cows, whose primary purpose is kikuyu management.

Natural or AI mating