Stud Focus

Opawa Simmental’s is situated in 40 minutes inland from Timaru, in the South Canterbury region. We started a registered Simmental stud in 1993, with the purchase of six heifer calves from Rissington. Our first on farm bull sale was held in 2014, previous to that we sold all bulls privately.


Our main focus for our stud is to produce animals with a good temperament, ease of calving, and good growth rates that will thrive in any commercial situation. We are working towards producing polled animals without compromising on bone and growth.

Number of Cows


Size and contour of farm

1,800ha of flat rolling to tussock hill country. Our farm ranges from 400m.a.s.l to 750 m.a.s.l. We can have dry summers but then can get up to 2-3 snows falls a year. Annual rainfall is around 800ml-1000ml. Having this scope and balance gives us the ability to prove our bulls in a commercial environment.

Other Stock in farming operation

17,000 SU
500 breeding cows additional to the stud cows
4000 Ewes, plus replacements
990 Dairy grazers (R1, R2)
Winter 1000 beef calves