Name of Stud

Hampton Downs

Stud Owners/Operators

Ngaire Entwisle along with son-in-law’s Patrick English and Mike Olphort.


The late Malcolm and Ngaire established in 1989, purchased cows and in calf Heifers from dispersal sales, and later Heifer calves from Beef Expo.

We have maintained a medium sized animal and with the use of AI, have a wide range of genetic base – red, black and polled.

Stud Focus

All females (including 15 month Heifers) are AI’d to selected sizes to create balanced EBV’s, then followed up with a bull.

Temperament and structure are of great importance.

Number of Cows

120 cows and 30 15month Heifer replacements.

Size and Contour of Farm

450 ha river flats, gentle rolling to steeper slopes. Gullies being fenced off and trees planted.

Other Stock in Farming Operation

80ish Aubrac Cows. All non-breed Heifers finished. Bull are sold for breeding for both beef and dairy industries. 100 Coopworth sheep to keep back yard tidy.