Stud Focus

Cattle at Lone Pine have to be quiet, well fleshed and structurally sound due to our steep, dry terrain. Each cow has to produce a quality calf and winter on the hill without supplements. We sell Simm x run calves and this keeps us informed of how our cattle are performing in the marketplace and what adjustments have to be made to our breeding programme.


Started in 1984 with the purchase of 5 purebred cows from the Troy Hill dispersal sale. In 1999 the entire Avon Park was purchased. Over the years, cows and heifers from various dispersals have also been added to the stud.

Number of Cows

120 including heifers.

Number of Sires used

2 AI ; 3 Natural.

Size and contour of farm

Total area 1600 ha: Consisting of 400 ha of flat to steep cultivated paddocks, 1200 ha of steep hill country.

Other Stock in farming operation

4500 perendale ewes;1200 hoggets;100 Angus x cows;180 other cattle.

Natural or AI mating
Mostly natural but some AI used with heifers.