Stud Focus

Kerrah’s vision is to produce moderate birth weight, easy calving cattle with explosive growth in an early maturing polled animal that  thrives on hill country. We are committed to producing functional, docile cattle using a balance of proven science, accurate recording and stockmanship. They are bred in a challenging Wairoa hill country environment, to deliver profit-a -bull genetics that will last for clients.


Kerrah was established in 2005 by Kevin and Colleen Knauf and Jon and Sam Knauf with the purchase of elite females from Ailsa, Rissington and Puriri herds and our top graded up cows from our commercial herd. In 2017, the stud comprises of 520 purebred, fully recorded spring calving stud cows, supplemented by 40 recipient heifers carrying embryos. There are also 100 January calving stud cows targeted towards the dairy industry.

Number of Cows

620 Registered cows and calving 2yr heifers plus 40 recipients all fully recorded on Group Breedplan.

Number of Sires used

16 – 20 sires used annually including top yearlings bulls.

Size and contour of farm

Tangiwai Station is 2100 ha (1650ha effective) mostly steep hill country rising from 700 – Wairoa. There are 120 ha flats

Other Stock in farming operation

5200 ewes, 1700 pregnant hoggets, 1000 dry hoggets.  All cattle progeny taken through 1 winter.

Natural or AI mating

Natural, AI and Embryo transplanting.