Stud Focus

The main aim at Waikite is to breed top terminal sires that maximize production through growth and carcass yield while maintaining positive calving ease and cow productivity. Docility is paramount when handling large framed animals so remains top of mind throughout the breeding programme as is the pursuit of increased carcass value through IMF. The Waikite herd is ranked in the top 5% of the breed’s percentile band for 400 and 600 day weights and carcass weight on NZ Simmental Breedlplan analysis for 2015 born calves.

Since 2011, Waikite and Focus Genetics have worked together, combining the on farm expertise and management of Farm Manager, Peter Strawbridge, with the access to ground breaking research and technology that Focus Genetics has as New Zealand’s largest red meat genetics company.


The Waikte Simmental Stud was established in 1988 with the purpose of breeding terminal sires for the then recently established Landcorp business. Over the last 29 years, the Waikite Simmental Stud has established an enviable reputation as one of the top performing herds in the key terminal sire traits. Stud manager, Peter Strawbridge, is passionate about breeding terminal sires and believes in a hands on approach that starts at birth – “the bulls speak for themselves by showing their carcass size and meat density but although power house in appearance, excel in good structure and mild temperament”

Number of Cows

320 recorded Simmental cows plus replacement heifers mated as yearlings. All stud animals are recorded on Group Breedplan

Number of Sires used

10 – 12 sires used annually including yearling and AI sires

Size and contour of farm

Waikite Station is 1,084 ha (1013 ha effective) moderate to steep hill country set between Rotorua and Taupo townships

Other Stock in farming operation

Terminal sire breeding flocks, 650 recorded Focus Prime mixed age ewes, 600 multiplier mixed age ewes, 550 recorded Texel mixed age ewes plus 2000 commercial ewes.

Natural or AI mating

Natural, AI and Embryo transplanting technologies are used