Stud Focus

Rissington’s breeding objective has been focussed on commercially driven performance traits since 1971. All females in our herd have to get in calf as a yearling, calve unassisted, rebreed annually, remain sound, have a good temperament, be polled and of elite performance.

Rissington was established in 1971 and is the oldest performance herd of Simmental in New Zealand. The herd was built in the 1970’s by grading up from a commercial Angus and Hereford cow base allowing it to remain focussed on commercial driven traits from the outset. The result is predictable performance cattle that work in all environments. Bulls are sold throughout NZ and live animals, semen and embryos have been sold around the globe over the last five decades.
Number of Cows
75 Registered Elite breeding cows plus recipient cows with male embryos implanted annually.
Number of Sires Used
4-6 sires used annually with every female being artificially inseminated to the best available sires globally.
Size and Contour of Farm
Rissington Station is a 1,100 ha commercially run property with a good balance of finishing and breeding country. The property has been in the family since the 1800’s.
Other Stock in Farming Operation
Commercial sheep.
Natural or AI Mating
All females go through AI programs annually, allowing individual mating, and ET is used to multiply the very elite identified beyond what we are able to naturally with the transfer of male embryos. The result is accelerated genetic gain.