Stud Focus

Our mission is to promote the value of today’s Simmentals to a new generation of cattle buyer. To educate our buyers on the gentle nature, fast weight gain and high muscle structure of this often underestimated breed. Our ongoing research and use of technology will help us to make informed decisions about genetics. Applying positive farming practices, including environmental improvement for best performance.


Previously breeding and raising Angus and Hereford in a somewhat chaotic climate with temperatures of the extremes, we established Kirkland in 2018. A keen interest in the Simmental breed lead to purchases of stud stock from Peplow, Island Stream, Leaflands, Janefield, Anahera and Oripak in our first year.

Number of Cows


Size and contour of farm

20 Ha Rolling

Other Stock in farming operation

3 Angus & 3 Hereford
+ 120 Reared Hereford X Calves Annually