Stud Focus

Emphasis is still on growth and acknowledging unassisted calving. We aim to produce large fast growing, easy finishing cattle. Beef Class is important. Our cattle must be docile and structurally sound. Calves are weighed at birth and all data monitoring their progress is to be found on internet solutions. We are quite rapidly working towards a polled herd.


Based on older cows and rising 2 year heifers not offered for sale at the Puriri Dispersal. The Puriri Stud was established in 1982 and a herd of over 200 Simmental cows was bred up from Hereford base cows. Emphasis was always on constitution and growth. Cows and heifers from the Willowbrook and Prospect dispersals have been added.

Number of Cows

39 cows. 6 18mth heifers.

Number of Sires used


Size and contour of farm

82ha – 60 ha effective. Volcanic cone. 40 ha steep, 20ha sloping and flat.

Other Stock in farming operation

21 yearling bulls, 19 yearling heifers.

Natural or AI mating